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Dstoohey announces new piece coming soon. A challenge speak candidly

where do we draw the line?

Daniel Toohey

Tags Amurka, murka


Where do we draw the line?


A cursory look at the news would suggest that there is a raging debate going on in this country. Just a few years ago there was talk about a secession in the South. But there is a quote I heard once that stated that "ostensible diversity disguising uniformity" is a key to good propaganda. I think it was attributed to Dr. Goebbels but either way, I started to ask myself, where do I draw the line? At what point does my business interests overlap with my interests as a citizen? Are they one and the same? 


At Dstoohey we are trying to find this relationship between mass appeal and artistic integrity. Individual expression, freedom and adherence to the surroundings and assumptions of our communities and loved ones. 


This piece below is about the perverse externalities of power. It is about the ability to act; and what that looks like in the end. It is about the smell of self delusion and the slippery slope of self censorship. It is about Us vs them thinking. It is about speaking candidly about how you feel for love of country and fellow human beings.

Although unfinished, it has been used as the prompt for the Murka prints in our store.


where do you draw the line? 








"A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity" -unknown source

Dstoohey.com was created to share the original art of Daniel Toohey in a variety of print formats. 
All of our prints are made with love and sweatshop free. Part of the proceeds will be donated to USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops) a collective of activists from over 150 college campuses. You can learn more about their work at usas.org. 
Please contact us at dstoohey@gmail.com with any comments or questions.
Thank you

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