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dstoohey.com, wearable fine art prints, sold independently, with love – Dstoohey

Wearable Fine Art, Printed.



We believe in being self educated. Expecting a high standard product through rigor in our studies and pursuits. We measure the worth of our days by the value and information we can help transmit. 

Oil paint has become our preferred medium in exploring various subjects that we have dedicated ourselves with great passion; tireless in pursuit of knowledge and information in areas concerning the history of imperialism, geopolitics,  political philosophy, Jazz piano and more. We believe there is honor in building your own reality, realizing your own goals. We make and stretch our canvases. Many of our oil paints are hand made from natural raw pigments and mixed in our workshop. 

From here we build digital alter egos of the work and explore bold, powerful colors that we feel translate well to the template of wearable prints. 

It is our intention to derive inspiration by being fascinated and open to life. 
Be informed. Ask questions. Do your own thing.

 At Dstoohey we transform original Art pieces

into professionally rendered

digital print files.

Then we send our designs off to the print elves

in California where they're

checked for accuracy.

If all goes well,

we test some samples and put up mock images 

for our customers.







*All of our products are 110% guaranteed.  

 If for any reason you do not love your new purchase

contact us at dstoohey@gmail.com and we will take care of it immediately.




Dstoohey.com was created to share the original art of Daniel Toohey in a variety of print formats. 
All of our prints are made with love and sweatshop free. Part of the proceeds will be donated to USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops) a collective of activists from over 150 college campuses. You can learn more about their work at usas.org. 
Please contact us at dstoohey@gmail.com with any comments or questions.
Thank you

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